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Medical Billing & Coding Specialist Exam: 


Provide a brief short answer to the following questions in the box below and press the "Send Exam" button. You may use your textbook, notes and any study aids you may have. 


There are no time limits, so you may take as long as needed to answer all questions.  Most tests are reviewed within 2-5 business days and you will be contacted via email with your results. Make sure to enter your full name (as you would like it to read on your certificate), your mailing address to ship your certificate and your email address.  


Once your have successfully passed our final examination you will be sent a graduation certificate and copy of your transcripts.


If you do not pass this exam you will be notified and allowed to retake the exam until a passing grade is earned. Remember there is no penalty or charge to retake our exam.


Good Luck!

Provide a brief short answer to the following questions in the box below and press the "Send Exam" button. 

  1. The insurance claim used to report professional and technical services is known as the __________ claim.

  2. To accept assignment, means the provider agrees to ____________________________.

  3. What is a PAR?

  4. What is a non-PAR?

  5. What is a patient encounter form?

  6. What is a patient’s co-insurance?

  7. What is a patient’s deductible?

  8. The codes an insurance specialist uses to indicate diagnosis on a claim form are known as ______ codes?

  9. What is CPT?

  10. What are the 6 sections of CPT Category 1?

  11. What is commercial Health Insurance?

  12. What is the National Provider Identification (NPI) number?   

  13. What is commercial health insurance?

  14. What is disability insurance?

  15. Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans: What are the 6 main programs offered by Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage?

  16. What is Medicare Part A?

  17. What is Medicare Part B?

  18. What is Medicare Part C?

  19. Medicaid (not Medicare): What are the 3 eligibility groups for Medicaid?


What are the ICD-10 codes for the following conditions?

20. Anemia Unspecified?

21. Diarrhea?

22. Acute Cystitis?

23. Vaginitis Unspecified?

24. Cough?

25. Joint Pain Unspecified?

26. Headache?

27. Esophageal Reflux?


What are CPT codes for the following procedures?

28. New Patient Office Visit (problem focused)?

29. New Patient Office Visit (expanded problem focused)?

30. New Patient Office Visit (detailed)?

31. New Patient Office Visit (comprehensive)?

32. Established patient (problem focused)?

33. Established patient (expanded problem focused)?

34. Established patient (detailed)?

35. Established patient (comprehensive)?

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